„EXPERT On-line” – Moldovan S&T Proposal Submission and Evaluation System

Beginning with 2009, all science and technology project proposals submitted for funding consideration to the Academy of Sciences of Moldova are required to be registered within the Moldovan Proposal Submission and Evaluation System „EXPERT On-line” (www.expert.asm.md). The Academy is delegated with Government’s competence in the field of science and innovation, which authorizes the Academy to distribute all science-destined State funds on a competition basis.
„EXPERT On-line” system, developed by the Information Society Development Institute, profile member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, has the main objective to facilitate the management of all processes related to implementation of S&T projects, from submission and evaluation to monitoring and completion, as well as seeks to enhance the scientific quality of the peer-review process and, thus, of the research itself and to increase competitiveness and practical application of science and innovation results.
Already, “Expert On-line” is the largest S&T information system on the web in Moldova, its knowledge base containing information on scientists and researchers, independent experts, science & innovation organizations, projects, legal framework. Local networks of science & innovation organizations, as well as the network of scientific libraries, all connected to the Academica research network, serve as infrastructure for “EXPERT On-line” system.
The interface of the system and its contents are in Romanian language, English and Russian versions are currently under construction. Independent experts within and outside the country are invited to register their profiles in the “EXPERT On-line” system and contribute to the promotion of scientific excellence and, therefore, to the development of a knowledge-based society in Moldova.
For further information, please contact: [email protected]